Sexy back flip diving fail
Hi five fail
Early celebration always disappoints
When you try to be cool and bypass the rule
Birthday fail - Happy birthday to me guys but i have decided to mess this cake
When you want everything at the same time you lose everything
one small mistake and all you have worked for and your whole world crushes over you.
And he thought his problems were over
When you thought it was the moment and it becomes an awkward kiss
Worst best friend ever :) now he is never gonna have kids
Sexiest water slide ever
Worst headache in the world ...
Best basketball player fail
When you make wrong decisions and life slaps you back with more problems.
When bay is trying to be romantic in public
How the hell is this guy a police?? lol
Metal hard bolls
A body in motion tends to stay in motion demonstration...
Goodnight everyone!!!
Sweet... come test this :)
Why she keeps hiding my favorite toy ... lol
Being the shortest one around... :)
this is how you mess with your kids.
This guy is expert on escaping horror scenarios