Obama's Photographer Took 2 Million Photos of Him, But These Ones Will Last a Lifetime

by jon - 7 months ago - 233 Views Report

#1 Spiderman

We all remember him playing with this extremely lucky little Spiderman.

#2 Junior

Here he is chatting with his predecessors George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

#3 The Mrs.

Here's an intimate moment with the FLOTUS as they dance in a room of crowded polititians

#4 Parents

Talking to parents while their child runs amok

#5 The Prankster

Here he is pranking a White House Official

#6 Veterans

Here he is talking to a gathering of veterans and their partners

#7 Toddler Playing

Here he is again playing with someone's kids. This guy can't get enough love from the young ones!

#8 Apple a Day....

Here's a picture Michelle would definitely like to have taken